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Sometimes we need to disconnect some of the wires to remain connected, and this is why Delmi Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of wireless solutions.

Our solutions include:

i. Point -to-point backbones for video, voice and data networks

ii. Point-to- multipoint and mesh technologies

iii. Access Point design using tools such as Air magnet and the spectrum analyzer

**We also have a Preventive Maintenance Service Plans in these areas

Outdoor  Wireless Bridges

Whether it is your main or backup link, we supply and install a wide variety of outdoor bridges that work within either the unlicensed or licensed frequency spectrum utilizing microwave and millimeter wave products. We also supply and install  Free Space Optics (FSO) engineered bridges. We have installed over 40 certified wireless bridges using products such as Bridgewave, Lightpointe, Redline, Radwin and RAD just to mention a few.

As a solutions provider we care about cost too.   We will go the extra mile wirelessly where copper cables fail to reach and at a fraction of the cost where fibre optic cable will. We have you covered with data rates ranging from 10Mbps to 1 Gbps. DSI partners with world renowned wireless equipment manufacturers and we pass on their quality products as well as associated product warranties  to you. We also stock spares in our warehouse to help minimize your downtime in case of any emergency.

Indoor Wireless Solutions

In today’s challenging times where everyone is on the move and still wants to remain connected, it is important to have a wireless network to compliment your existing wired network. We have helped organizations that have had issues with their  existing wireless network as well as those concerned about neighbouring access points interfering with the security of their networks. Our experienced engineers will help address all of your RF concerns ranging from  larger cell overlaps, signal degradation, overall data,  to redesigning your wireless network to ensure appropriate  security, reliability and efficiency.  With over 15 years in the industry, our skilled and certified wireless engineers are up to date with the industry’s best tools and practices to ensure that the your wireless network  is free from  dead zones, signal degradation, channel interference etc.

Our services include all three levels of wireless site surveys from Predictive modelling , through Passive surveys to Active surveys.

Predictive Modelling

Predictive Wi-Fi modelling is an important part of wireless network design and troubleshooting. It helps simulate access point placement, channel distribution and approximate number of access points needed for a specified area. This is done by taking into consideration all available environmental variables such as building material types, available space for signal propagation, installation height of access point, transmit power and antenna type. Once this information is fed into our intelligent software a design is generated.  Our engineers review the results to ensure that it is tailored to meet  your specification(s).  A heat map is then generated indicating potential  areas of signal degradation, access point locations, channel assignments etc.  We will also provide you with a custom report and recommendations for next steps.  The advantages of using predictive modelling technology are cost savings, helping you budget upfront and plan for a design.

Passive Site Survey

Passive site surveys help identify the various RF characteristics that could affect your wireless network.  At DSI we understand the frustrations that IT personnel undergo due to issues with their wireless networks.   This is the reason why we focus our attention on ensuring that we provide you with reliable and in-depth analysis of all of the RF characteristic that may potentially bring your network to a standstill. We are able to compare  the signal strength and the noise levels at any location in your organization.

Once the survey is completed we will  provide you with  a comprehensive report and recommendations based on our findings. The report will include the following:

  • Any sources of Radio Frequency (RF) Interference
  • SSIDs of all RF devices present
  •  MAC addresses of all RF devices
  • Operating channels of detected devices
  • Approximate locations of detected RF device
  • Transmit Power and band of device (a,b,g,n)

The advantages of performing a passive wireless site survey is to help you re-design your network and identify any possible sources of RF interference.

Active Site Survey

Active site surveys is the process of connecting survey tools using a specialized Wi-Fi adaptor  to determine the actual performance of your networks behaviour.  This process provides a true representation of what actually happens on your network in terms of:

- Data rates

- Cell Sizes and overlaps

- Real data throughputs

- Packet losses and delays

- Dead zones or areas with limited coverage

Due to the complexity of wireless networks it important to understand which network that you are analyzing and take into consideration all network partitions.  DSI will work with your IT department to ensure that all of the required information is documented for a successful survey.  We will provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations tailored specifically to your survey needs.

You can always count on us to get the job done right the first time.


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