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The demand for constant Internet connectivity has given rise to a mobile and flexible form of communication through a wireless system. As the world becomes more competitive; consumers are constantly finding ways to stay connected remotely with each other. Being tied down to the desk with innumerable wires has become things of the past. The era now is faster and instant connection. A wireless network system has allowed businesses to have an increased collaboration and mobility without the fear of losing connectivity or worrying about the network security.

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Delmi Solutions Inc. leads the wireless industry with its unparalleled mobility services and comprehensive wireless network solutions. We offer a wide range of Radio Frequency (RF) surveys that includes RF modeling as well as active and passive surveys. Our goal is to assist the consumers to resolve various RF concerns ranging from larger cell overlaps, dead zones, throughputs, signal degradation, channel interference, user density, and bandwidth.

A site survey is performed in order to determine the feasibility of your wireless network and analyze the type of equipment that will most suitably fit into your system structure. We have an experience of over 20 years of serving our clients with qualitative solutions where our highly skilled and certified wireless engineers, are always seeking new and better ways to resolve your problems.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Wi-Fi modeling is a program that is used by companies to model their facility and RF environment. The software helps in gathering information required for planning your wireless network. It is a cost-effective method that is relatively faster as compared to the onsite “AP-on-a-stick” for providing an accurate visualization of the RF setting in a real time environment.

The RF signal propagation throughout the facility depends upon following certain factors in order to meet the desired goals for coverage and capacity. For this purpose, it is necessary that the predictive modeling takes into consideration the user density and losses, associated surrounding obstructions such as in elevator shafts, walls, doors, warehouse racking, etc. in order to attain maximum accuracy.

The analysis of the modeled survey results allows us to determine the number of access points required, the relative placement and the needed configuration. This assists us in the deployment process to achieve an extraordinary performance. Our extensive experience in the industry combined with the use of state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Air magnet modeling software has given us an edge as the most trusted and accurate wireless solutions provider. We also design customized solutions tailored specifically for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) for voice applications and RTLS calibration survey.

Active Survey

An active wireless site survey is used for troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks or for accessing the device performance post-deployment. The process involves connecting specialized Wi-Fi survey tools to an access point or Services Set Identifier (SSID) on your network that allows determining the performance and behavior of your network.

The survey helps to uncover insightful information about your network that measures the real data throughputs, dead zones with details on packet loss, packet delay and areas with limited coverage. Two methods can be used during an active survey which is as follows:

  • Services Set Identifier (SSID)
  • Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID)

The SSID method is the most commonly practiced form of survey that allows the client to freely roam to measure the network behavior by associating it with any specific SSID. The information gathered during the process as a result of the packet exchange includes the physical data throughputs at any specific area, latency, network traffic, packet loss, and delay.

The BSSID method, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to SSID but instead restricts the client access to a specific MAC address that prevents them from freely roaming around. Consequently, the information gathered is specific to that particular AP and does not represent the entire wireless network in general. This kind of method is used for uncovering any specific information or for troubleshooting issues with an AP.

Delmi solutions are known for simplifying processes and offers a complete guidance to help you determine the right kind of survey for your wireless network.

Passive Survey

A Passive survey is the process of understanding of the characteristics of an RF environment. In this case, the client does not set the survey application to any specific SSID, making it devoid from any network measurements. The test equipment passively listens to the WLAN traffic in order to identify various RF characteristics such as rogue APs, detect noise level, measure Signal to Noise Ratios (SNR), and identify areas with signal propagation issues and other possible inferences that could affect your wireless network.

At DSI, we understand the nuisance of managing wireless networks and the hassles an IT personnel has to go through in the process. Hence, our focus is to provide you an in-depth analysis of the RF environment and make you familiar with its basic characteristics that help you understand the reasons behind your network stalling. Moreover, the technique we use allow us to compare the signal strength and the noise levels at any location in your organization.

The survey once completed, develops a comprehensive report that includes heat maps of all AP locations along with suggested recommendations based on our findings. The report will include the following:

  • Any sources of Radio Frequency (RF) Interference
  • SSIDs of all RF devices present
  • Operating channels of detected devices
  • Approximate locations of detected RF device
  • Transmit Power and band of device (a,b,g,n,ac)

Take advantage of our innovative solutions that can help you to redesign the structure of your network or to identify any possible sources of RF interference. Contact us to get connected to one of our experienced engineers.

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