Our Environmental Policy

Delmi Solutions has always been committed to managing the environmental impact  as we deem it an integral part of our operations. Having said this, it is our policy to ensure that our processes have the leas amount of impact on the environmental all times.

Our Policy

As a responsible company, Delmi Solutions Inc. believes that it is crucial that we show our environment the level of care and respect that it deserves. We are committed to developing an environmental leadership by fostering sustainable business practices. The goal is to preserve energy resources and protect the environment from harsh human activities.

Our Carbon Footprint

  • All lighting and electrical devices (with the exception of our server) are powered down every night to conserve energy. Any device with an energy saving feature is enabled. Delmi Inc. avoids the use of any incandescent light bulbs.
  • All of our marketing materials are printed on recycled papers, and we encourage our customers and vendors through email correspondence to minimize paper usage.
  • We ensure that the tools we use are environmentally friendly.
  • We regularly update our technology with newer and improved energy efficient models for better energy consumption and efficiency.
  • The materials used for packaging our products are recyclable.

Our Staff

  • All of our employees are expected to comply with our applicable environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • Delmi Employees are encouraged to conserve energy through recycling and minimizing electrical consumption.
  • We encourage all our customers and suppliers to share our environmental concern and implement their own policies and practices to reduce the adverse environmental impact.

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